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ACCOUNT MANAGERSenior focal point for client sales and customer satisfaction.
BUSINESS ANALYSTAnalyses Information System for improving business performance.
BUSINESS INFORMATION MANAGERProposes plans and manages functional and technical evolutions of the Information System within the relevant business domain.
CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER (CIO)Develops and maintains Information Systems compliant to business and organisation\'s needs.
DATABASE ADMINISTRATORDesigns, implements, or monitors and maintains databases.
DEVELOPERBuilds/codes ICT solutions and specifies ICT products according to customer needs.
DIGITAL MEDIA SPECIALISTCreates websites and multimedia applications combining the power of digital technology with effective use of graphics, audio, photographic and video images.
ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTDesigns and maintains the Enterprise Architecture
ICT CONSULTANTSupports understanding of how new ICT technologies add value to a business.
ICT OPERATIONS MANAGERManages operations, people and overall resources for the ICT activity.
ICT SECURITY MANAGERManages the Information System security policy.
ICT SECURITY SPECIALISTEnsures the implementation of the organizations security policy.
ICT TRAINEREducates and trains ICT professionals and practitioners to reach predefined standards of ICT technical/ business competence.
NETWORK SPECIALISTEnsures the alignment of the network, including telecommunication and/or computer infrastructure to meet the organization\'s communication needs.
PROJECT MANAGERManages projects to achieve optimal performance conforming to original specifications.
QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGEREnsures that Information Systems are delivered according to organizational policies (quality, risks, Service Level Agreement).
SERVICE DESK AGENTProvides first line telephone or e-mail support to internal or external clients with technical issues.
SERVICE MANAGERPlans, implements and manages solution provision.
SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATORAdministers ICT System components to meet service requirements.
SYSTEMS ANALYSTAnalyses requirements and specifies software and systems.
SYSTEMS ARCHITECTPlans and is accountable for the implementation and integration of software and/ or ICT systems.
TECHNICAL SPECIALISTMaintains and repairs hardware and software on client premises.
TEST SPECIALISTDesigns and performs testing plans.