Self-Assessment Tool

Compose your own Professional Profile, find the best matching ICT Profiles and choose the certificates that could help you to meet your aspirations.The three steps of the Self-Assessment are:

  • Fill-out the personal data form (no fields are mandatory and no data is stored)
  • Check your Personal Professional Profile for e-competences and nearest eSkill profiles
  • Choose an eSkill profile to see which certificates and experience will get you there

The Self-Assessment tool can be used in different ways.

One can start with selecting education and experience and certificates one may hold. Or you can directly enter your e-competences using the e-CF.

Note: this tool may not work properly in all browsers. It has been tested in Firefox and Chrome.


Would you like to use the option of directly entering your e-competences,  please consult the e-CF section if you are not familiar with the e-Competence Framework. Entering e-competencies directly, you will be asked for the degree of ‘coverage’ of your competence, compared to the description in the e-CF (which shows when you hover the e-CF codes).

Choose one of the three grades of coverage:

Moving your cursor over the e-CF codes (A.1 etc) will show a brief description of the competency and its levels.


Would you like to enter your experiences, select one of the deliverables in the list. You will be asked to provide your role in producing these deliverables:


Would you like to enter your certificates, please note that only a small selection of certificates is available in this prototype. If you can identify  ‘similar’ certificates select those, or else try to enter your experience in the subject of your certificate (in the experience section of the form).

Note: No personal information will be stored. You can print your eSkills profile (as pdf) for your own use.

Start your self-assessment by clicking the role-map: