Open Group Certified IT Specialist Program

Name Open Group Certified IT Specialist Program
The Open Group is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through IT standards. URL

The Open Group Certified IT Specialist Program aims at qualifying skills, knowledge and experience of IT Specialists in an independent global certification program at three levels: Certified, Master and Distinguished. The certification is based on peer review and recognition of credentials of accredited certification bodies. In the CITS program over 2,500 professionals in more than 50 countries have been certified.

Sponsors Among the members of the consortium are Capgemini, HP, IBM, Kingdee Software and Oracle.
Category Transparency, transferability of eSkills credentials, quality of eSkills training and certification
Requirements for certification
Requirements for accreditation
Interactive Self-Assessment Checklist This assessment allows individuals to compare their current skills and experience to the requirements of the Open CITS certification (level 1 and 2).
Use of e-CF In the Conformance Requirements the Open CITS program identifies a number of different work areas that need to be performed by IT Specialists. In the detailed skills and experience requirements where appropriate reference is made of SFIA or the e-CF.
Use of ICT-Profiles The Conformance Requirement of the Open CITS program contain descriptions of professional areas instead of job roles.
Recommendation The Open Certified IT Specialist program is a kind vendor independent, global, role-based ‘meta-certification’ based on evidence of skills and experience. Applicants for this certification can use certificates from multiple vendors as credentials and skills are linked to competencies. Especially the IT Service Management section in the Conformance Requirements explicitly uses the e-CF.
Comments Although the certification is role-based, the titles of the certificates are very generic (‘IT Specialist’).

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