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The National Skills Academy for IT is an employer-led partnership whose mission is to promote excellence in IT Learning and development. It has been created by employers to enable IT professionals in all areas of the economy to access high quality, easily available learning and resources.

Sponsors The National Skills Academy (led by e-skills UK)is supported by a whole series of (UK) companies, like BBC, BT, RBS, Network Rail, British Airways, UBS and Sainsburry, together with international companies like IBM, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Oracle and Logica.
Category Popularity, Quality of training and certification
IT Training and Training Partners
IT Professional Standards
IT Professional Profile

The IT Professional Profile is tool, using the IT Professional Standards, to work out your skill levels and create your personal IT Professional Profile. The online profile can be shared or used to find online learning to develop your career.

Use of e-CF n.a.
Use of ICT-Profiles The IT Professional Profile uses the ‘IT Professional Standards’ a common terminology for IT professional disciplines developed for the IT sector in the UK (building on the IT National Occupational Standards). These IT Professional Standards have been aligned to the relevant SFIA skills and levels.
Recommendation The IT Professional Profile has some interesting features (especially in its interface).
The National Skills Academy works with a selected group of training partners to assure quality learning valued by employers. The partnership logo in fact plays the role of a quality label.
Comments The National Skills Academy for IT offers online training from one specific training organization.
The IT Professional Profile offers limited functionality. Certificates and experience can be listed on the profile, but are not taken into account determining the skills.

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