Le Portail des Métiers de l’Internet

Name Le Portail des métiers de l’internet
French Government URL metiers.internet.gouv.fr
Description Portal providing information and orientation for the internet professions and the training and education that prepares for such e-jobs, aimed both at students and professionals. The portal aims at contributing to the formalization of the e-competences the business needs and to defining educational programs (public and private).
Sponsors ACFCI, ACSEL, ADBS, Aliiance TICS, APROGED, Cap Digital, CELSA, CIGREF, Designers Intractifs, EBD, GESTE, HETIC, ONISEP, Pasc@line, Réseau Echangeur, Syntec.
Category Transparency, Quality, Relevance, Popularity
On 15 internet related job roles, training and news from the professions and the education.
Job role overview To select the job roles in 7 families and view the details
Training/course finder Finding training and courses preparing for a selected job role.
Use of e-CF Uses a different type of competence scheme (Knowledge, Know-how-to-do, Know-how-to-be) .
Use of ICT-Profiles Describes 88 internet related job roles.
Recommendation The site has a nice portrait of 88 roles, each of which can be selected by an attractive interactive interface. Each role profile includes activities and competencies typical for the role.
Comments The site is targeted on a French audience and all text is in French.

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