IWA Italy Web Skills Profiles

Name G3 Web Skills Profiles
IWA/HWG (International Webmasters Association/The HTML Writers Guild) Italy URL iwa.it

The Italian IWA Web Skills Working Group has developed a set of role profiles for Web Professionals based on the European e-Competence Framework 2.0.

Sponsors IWA (International Webmaster Association is a non-profit organization for internet professionals. IWA reportedly has 130 official chapters representing over 165,000 individual members in 106 countries.
Category Transparency, Improving relevance of training and certification
Professional Profiles
(Including Community Manager, Web Project Manager, Web Account Manager, Frontend Web Developer, Server Side Web Developer, Web Content Specialist, Digital Strategic Planner, Web Accessibility Expert and Mobile Application Developer)

Description of the methodology used for developing specific role profiles

Use of e-CF The e-CF is the main tool in the description of the professional profiles, similar to the ICT-Profiles.
Use of ICT-Profiles The Web Skills Profiles are modeled after the ICT-Profiles and an example of how the ICT-Profiles can be used and adapted for specific situations.
Recommendation The Italian IWA/HWG workgroup is one the first examples of a group of professionals that has taken up the e-CF and the ICT-Profiles to innovate the role descriptions of professionals in their own discipline.
Comments At the moment all documentations is available in Italian only.

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