ICT Decanendag

Name ICT Deacanendag
Markies URL ictdecanendag.nl
Description An event for the Dutch high school counselors to inform them about the prospects for their students in the ICT area in the future, the roles these future professionals would have to play, organized by representatives of the ICT business and vocational and higher education.
Sponsors CIO Platform, ECABO, ICT-Office, HBO-I foundation, Informatica Kamer, Informatiekunde Platform Nederland and Kenniskring ICT van de MBO Raad.
(These parties are partners in the Markies Convenant to solve the quantative and qualitative shortcomings in the ICT labor market.)
Category Popularity, Demand and Supply
Master class ICT professionals providing a master class on the job perspectives in their sector in the future.
Speed dating Allowing school counselors to discuss issues in detail with ICT experts.
Use of e-CF n.a.
Use of ICT-Profiles n.a.
Recommendation The first edition of the ‘Decanendag’, April 2012, was a great success. Interesting about this initiative is the cooperation of business and education partners in the Markies platform and the strategic target group of high school counselors.
Comments The information on this initiative is all in Dutch. A second edition of the event is planned for spring 2013.

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