Frequently Asked Questions

How can my employer verify the value of my certificate?

If the certificate is based on a program that received an e-competence quality label, the result of the mapping of its learning outcomes against the e-competence framework (e-CF) are published on the current website. This way the usefulness of your certificate for certain ICT roles can be assessed, based on the comparison of the competences shown by your certification with the competences (and proficiency levels) required for the roles. An overview of the main ICT roles can also be found on this website.

What is an e-competence?

A competence is a proven ability to perform certain tasks. If these tasks are ICT-related, the required competences are known as e-competences or e-Skills. Though ‘skills’ is often used as synonymous with competence, a competence is the wider ability to use knowledge, skills and personal, social and/or methodological capacities in a (professional or personal) situation.

Why would a training or certificate need a quality label?

A certificate is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education or has passed a test or series of tests. An e-competence quality label for the certificate means that the training or education is based on a program that meets certain quality requirements, including an approved mapping of its learning outcomes against the e-competence framework e-CF.  You can find these mapping on the current web site and compare them with your own competences (using the self-assessment tool) or the ICT Profiles of the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills.