e-Skills for Jobs

30 Oct 2014

Europe is suffering from record high unemployment rates, especially amongst the youth. Yet the number of jobs available across all industry sectors in information, communications and technology (ICT) are plentiful. This conference will examine why such a paradox exists. It will also provide an insight for the younger participants and ICT practitioners into the huge variety of different ICT jobs available today.

With the aim of attracting young people to ICT careers, an exhibition area will enable sponsors to display their products and services.

This conference is the second high-level event at EU level of the e-Skills for Jobs campaign launched by the European Commission in 2014. It is organised by ANITEC (Italian Association of ICT industries) and DIGITALEUROPE. The first high-level event took place on 6 May 2014 in Athens, Greece, and was very successful.

The event in Rome will gather policy makers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, ICT practitioners and young people to draw their attention to the increasing needs of e-skills in the 21st century. It will contribute to strengthen e-skills initiatives in public policies and boost the pledges to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. It will be a stepping stone in raising awareness of the new skills needed for jobs in the digital economy.

The e-Skills for Jobs campaign is organised in 30 European countries. At European, national and regional levels, thousands of stakeholders are involved in activities that are spreading the message about the job opportunities available in all industry sectors for people with relevant e-skills. This is a crucial issue to foster growth, competitiveness, innovation and jobs. The European Commission is committed to organise further campaigns in 2015-2016.

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