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e-Competence Quality Labels

Certificate Jungle
The IT certification world is a jungle with thousands (really!) of different certificates, ranging from technical ones (almost every provider of hard- or software does have some), via interesting Foundations in information management to high end ones. Moreover these certificates seem to live in their own universe, parallel to that of vocational and higher education.

The lack of transparency is a nightmare to HR departments and curricula developers who want to provide side entries, but most of all to small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) searching for talent and professionals seeking guidance in taking their career step.

The eCompetence Quality Labels aim to help solving this issue. Based on the e-competence framework e-CF and a set of quality indicators (developed in the eSkills Quality Label project) e-competence related training and certification programs and the courses for these programs can distinguish themselves by two kinds of Quality Labels:

  • a Quality Label for the program
    QL Certificate
    providing evidence of careful development of the program and transparency about its learning outcomes, especially by providing an authorized mapping against the e-CF.
  • a Quality Label for the delivery of the program
    QL Certificate
    providing evidence of the quality assurance in place for delivering training according to the defined program, using qualified teachers, providing a suitable learning environment etc.
QL Lady

Value of the e-Competence Quality Labels

Clear Value of Programs and Certificates

for learners Looking for skills needed in the market
for employers Ensuring skills required are available
for employment agencies and HR Matching skills demand and supply
for training providers Providing best fit to skill demand
for program owners Identifying new markets

Established Quality of Delivery

for learners Ensuring quality of teaching and materials
for employers Wanting value for money
for employment agencies and HR Choosing best providers for updating skills
for training providers Proving to belong to the best
for program owners Recognizing associated learning partners


Get your e-Competence Quality Label

If your organization has a training and/or certification program aiming at increasing the learners e-competences (see the list of e-competences) or provides training based on such a program and you want to help people find the right training and certification you should apply for an e-Competence Quality Label. Send an e-mail to our support team to obtain the brochure with the terms and conditions.

As a first step you might want to have your program mapped against the e-CF and included in the list of e-competence certificates: contact our support team for details.