e-Jobs Observatory

Name e-Jobs Observatory
e-Jobs Observatory URL e-jobs-observatory.eu
The e-Jobs Observatory aims at creating a central point of reference for all activities related to research, training, qualifications, standards, norms, certificates and employment in the field of e-Jobs in Europe to foster better interaction between key stakeholders, improve the quality of Vocational Education & Training (VET) in the field of e-Jobs, improve the employability of job seekers and reduce the e-skills shortages on the EU labour market.
Sponsors PIN (ProInterNet), European Commission’s lifelong learning programme from 2010 to 2012
Category Transparency, Demand and Supply
e-Job profiles
Certified training
Country information about e-Skills related projects and initiatives (European)
Self assesment tools The e-Jobs Observatory website provides several links to EU questionaires and self assessment tools.
Quality Label The e-Jobs Observatory Label of Excellence distinguishes training organisations proposing Internet-related training courses corresponding to market needs.
Roundtables Conferences organized for stakeholders in different countries
Use of e-CF Only in some e-Jobs profiles (e-CF version 1)
Use of ICT-Profiles Using several different profiles selected from the EQF i-Serve project, the EQF-Code project, CEPIS and the CompTIA TechCareer Compass.
Recommendation The e-Jobs Observatory website is nice looking website with lots of interesting information for everyone interested in eSkills and quality of eSkills training. Besides the e-Job partners there is a large and strong group of e-Job supporters.
Comments The e-Job Observatory does not provide insight in the learning outcomes of qualified training, nor provides a link between training and the e-competence framework. None of the key players in the market of Industry Based Training and Certification of eSkills seems to have joined this initiative.

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