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Demand and Supply


Which eSkills related job roles and professionals are demanded by industry and which ones will be available in Europe in the coming years?

The present section of the e-Competence Landscape Service offers information and an interactive service on e-Skills Demand and Supply and related evidence in form of statistics and figures for all target groups.

A glance at this will help (upcoming) professionals, organizations in the recruitment process and but also training providers and employment agencies and the staffing industry in their job placement activities to assess whether there is an over-supply or an excess demand in specific ICT career domains, i.e. whether it is recommendable to follow a specific career path.


Further section in this portal provide information on next most suitable and appropriate industry-based training and certification recommended for career advancement towards a specific goal and the nearest location for obtaining specific e-skills training courses and certifications.

The service also allows certification and training providers and the other actors to assess the market demand for constructed / predefined ICT career domain training and certification profiles mapping to the competences of the European e-Competence Framework for different European countries.

The e-Skills Demand and Supply information provided is based on the results of surveys conducted by empirica and a series of the latest available Labour Force Survey statistics from Eurostat.

View the results of the latest e-skills demand and supply survey and statistics.

Clicking on a selected topic will lead to a brief text describing key results and further lists of countries, occupations / ICT profiles etc. from which to select to get a presentation of the related statistics in tabular and graphical format.

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