CompTIA TechCareer Compass

Name CompTIA TechCareer Compass
Description The CompTIA TechCareer Compass provides an online repository for resources to attract, train, and develop skilled IT workers.
Sponsors Career Voyages, RICOH, Cisco, O*Net Online
Category Transparency, Demand and Supply
Training and certification
Job descriptions
Skill Gap Assessment This assessment allows individuals to compare their current skill set to those required by a specific job defined on the TCC.
Use of e-CF CompTIA plans to use SFIA
Use of ICT-Profiles CompTIA uses an own set of job role descriptions.
Recommendation The TechCareer Compass provides a lot of information on IT related certification, not restricted to CompTIA’s certificates, and a map showing how they fit on career paths.
Comments Some information on the site is no longer up-to date and some tools described are advertisements for commercial services provided by one of the sponsors.
Training for certain certificates (i.e. Cisco, Microsoft) could not be found in the database.

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