e-CF now a European standard

April 3, 2015

Already becoming a de facto standard, e-CF is now a formal standard (EN) of the European standardization organization CEN: EN 16234.

The e-CF, describes the 40 most important competences in the field of Information and Communication Technology.
It is used e.g. for defining competence profiles of individuals, specifying learning outcomes of training and education and identifying key roles related to planning, building, running, enabling and managing ICT.

The e-CF has been developed by the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills, which published version 3.0 in 2014.
The e-CF has been turned into a European standard by the CEN Project Committee 428, composed of national delegates nominated by the national CEN member organizations (e.g. AENOR in Spain, AFNOR in France, DIN in Germany, UNI in Italy, NEN in The Netherlands, BSI in the United Kingdom, PKN in Poland).

More information on the e-CF can be found on the e-Competence Framework website.

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