European e-Skills Conference Sucessful

December 10, 2014

The European e-Skills 2014 Conference brought together leading experts in the field of e-skills, e-leadership and ICT professionalism from industry, business schools, universities, ICT and CIOs associations, trade unions, standardisation bodies, examination, certification and accreditation institutions, employment agencies, staffing industry and governments.

The event took place on 2 and 3 December 2014 at the Marriott City Centre Hotel in Brussels and has been well attended and very succesful.

At the first day of the conference the topic of e-leadership in Europe was addressed.
The presentations can be found on the organiser’s website. An important part of the contributions on first day presented the results of the GUIDE study in e-leadership curricula. More details on this study can be found on the GUIDE website.

The second day of the conference, on the topic of profesionalism, the results of another study on the Foundational Body of Knowledge for ICT were presented and discussed. Also these presentations can be found on the organiser’s website.

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