Upcoming Founders’ Pitstop in Bonn

September 24, 2014

There are two things that come straight to our minds when we think of Apple: company culture and Steve Jobs. There is much to learn from one of the most renowned brands in the world – especially for startups.

Like no other company, Apple manages to capture the spirit of our time and almost stands as synonym for inspirational leaders.

That’s why Lindsay Eyink – who recently moved to Berlin from San Francisco – has been invited to share her experience at Founders’ Pit Stop. Lindsay led a UI Engineering team on the iTunes Store and App Store from 2005-2011. As one of the early members of the iTunes team, she saw Apple through its greatest period of innovation and growth.

Join the fourth Founders’ Pit Stop and find out what made Apple such a successful company and what you need to consider on your path to become a really good leader.

Where and when?

October 8, starting 6pm in Berlin (location to be confirmed).

Online via Google Hangout (click here)

Who should attend?

Students, innovators or startups – ideally in the field of Information and Communications Technologies

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