Best Practices

Fostering eSkills requires innovation, experience and learning.Learning from the experiences of others can open new horizons, speed up the process and lead to new interesting relationships between individuals and communities.

The Best Practices domain in the eSkills Landscape provides guidance in finding the internationally outstanding examples of such Best Practices.




Learn how others contributed to:

  • Increasing transparency in the eSkills field
  • Enabling transferability of eSkills credentials
  • Ensuring quality of eSkills training and certification
  • Improving the relevance of training and certification for employers
  • Making development of eSkills more attractive and popular
  • Providing information on demand and supply of eSkills and related occupations

he examples of best practices have been selected for their interest to others: to find information and to inspire further best practices.

Feedback on these Best Practices and suggestions are welcome: eSLS Web Master

Name Description
CompTIA TechCareer Compass Provides an online repository for resources to attract, train, and develop skilled IT workers.
Covenant of the Dutch Government with the ICT Sector An agreement on public-privat cooperation to enhance the quality of ICT projects and maintain and develop eSkills in professionals working for the Dutch Government.
e-Jobs Observatory A central point of reference for all activities related to research, training, qualifications, standards, norms, certificates and employment in the field of e-Jobs in Europe.
ICT Decanendag An event for the Dutch high school counselors to inform them about the prospects for their students in the ICT area in the future
IWA Italy Web Skills Profiles A first example of an organization of professionals innovating their role profiles using e-CF and the ICT-Profiles. Italian web site using e-CF, CEN ICT and IWA Web Professional Profiles for Job Matching.
Le Portail des métiers de l’internet Portal providing information and orientation for the internet professions and the training and education that prepares for such e-jobs, aimed both at students and professionals.
The National Skills Academy for IT Portal providing information on training for IT professionals.
OpenCourseWare Consortium Web-based publication of course content, including virtually all MIT course content.
Open Group Certified IT Specialist An independent global certification program for qualifying the skills, knowledge and experience of IT specialists in a quite generic way.