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e-competence area
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e-Competence: Title + generic description
A.7 Technology Trend Monitoring
Investigates latest ICT technological developments to establish understanding of evolving technologies. Devises innovative solutions for integration of new technology into existing products, applications or services or for the creation of new solutions.
Dimension 3
e-Competence proficiency levels (on e-CF levels e-1 to e-5, related to EQF levels 3 to 8
Level 4
Exploits wide ranging specialist knowledge of new and emerging technologies, coupled with a deep understanding of the business, to envision and articulate solutions for the future. Provides expert guidance and advice, to the leadership team to support strategic decision-making.

Level 5
Makes strategic decisions envisioning and articulating future ICT solutions for customer-oriented processes, new business products and services; directs the organisation to build and exploit them.

Dimension 4
Knowledge examples Knows/ Aware of/ Familiar with:
- K1 emerging technologies and the relevant market applications
- K2 market needs
- K3 relevant sources of information (e.g. magazines, conferences and events, news letters, opinion leaders, etc.)
- K4 the rules of discussions in web communities
- K5 applied research programme approaches
Skills examples Able to:
- S1 monitor sources of information and continuously follow the most promising
- S2 identify vendors and providers of the most promising solutions; evaluate, justify and propose the most appropriate
- S3 identify business advantages and improvements of adopting emerging technologies

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