Dimension 1
e-competence area
Dimension 2
e-Competence: Title + generic description
A.3 Business Plan Development
Addresses the design and structure of a business or product plan including the identification of alternative approaches as well as return on investment propositions. Considers the possible and applicable sourcing models. Presents cost benefit analysis and reasoned arguments in support of the selected strategy. Ensures compliance with business and technology strategies. Communicates and sells business plan to relevant stakeholders and addresses political, financial, and organisational interests.
Dimension 3
e-Competence proficiency levels (on e-CF levels e-1 to e-5, related to EQF levels 3 to 8
Level 3
Exploits specialist knowledge to provide analysis of market environment etc.

Level 4
Provides leadership for the creation of an information system strategy that meets the requirements of the business (e.g. distributed, mobility-based) and includes risks and opportunities.

Level 5
Applies strategic thinking and organisational leadership to exploit the capability of Information Technology to improve the business.

Dimension 4
Knowledge examples Knows/ Aware of/ Familiar with:
- K1 business plan elements and milestones
- K2 the present and future market size and needs
- K3 competition and SWOT analysis techniques (for product features and also the external environment)
- K4 value creation channels
- K5 profitability elements
- K6 the issues and implications of sourcing models
- K7 financial planning and dynamics
- K8 new emerging technologies
- K9 risk and opportunity assessment techniques
Skills examples Able to:
- S1 address and identify essential elements of product or solution value propositions
- S2 define the appropriate value creation channels
- S3 build a detailed SWOT analysis
- S4 generate short and long term performance reports (e.g. financial, profitability, usage and value creation)
- S5 identify main milestones of the plan

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