Dimension 1
e-competence area
Dimension 2
e-Competence: Title + generic description
D.9 Personnel Development
Diagnoses individual and group competence, identifying skill needs and skill gaps. Reviews training and development options and selects appropriate methodology taking into account the needs of the individual and the business. Coaches and/ or mentors individuals and teams to address learning needs.
Dimension 3
e-Competence proficiency levels (on e-CF levels e-1 to e-5, related to EQF levels 3 to 8
Level 2
Briefs/ trains individuals and groups, holds courses of instruction.

Level 3
Monitors and addressees the development needs of individuals and teams.

Level 4
Takes proactive action and develops organisational processes to address the development needs of individuals, teams and the entire workforce.

Dimension 4
Knowledge examples Knows/ Aware of/ Familiar with:
- K1 competence development methods
- K2 competence and skill needs analysis methodologies
- K3 learning and development support methods (e.g. coaching, teaching)
- K4 ICT technologies and processes with an overview perspective
Skills examples Able to:
- S1 identify competence and skill gaps
- S2 identify and recommend work based development opportunities
- S3 incorporate within routine work processes, opportunities for skills development
- S4 coach on learning processes

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