Dimension 1
e-competence area
Dimension 2
e-Competence: Title + generic description
D.8 Contract Management
Provides and negotiates contract in accordance with organisational processes. Ensures that supplier deliverables are provided on time, meet quality standards and comply with agreed service levels. Addresses non-compliance escalates significant issues, drives recovery plans and if necessary amends contracts. Maintains budget integrity. Assesses and addresses supplier compliance to legal, health and safety and security standards. Actively pursues regular supplier communication.
Dimension 3
e-Competence proficiency levels (on e-CF levels e-1 to e-5, related to EQF levels 3 to 8
Level 2
Acts systematically to monitor contract compliance and promptly escalate defaults.

Level 3
Evaluates supplier contract performance by monitoring performance indicators. Assures performance of the complete supply chain. Influences the terms of contract renewal.

Level 4
Provides Leadership for supplier contract compliance and is the final escalation point for issue resolution.

Dimension 4
Knowledge examples Knows/ Aware of/ Familiar with:
- K1 applicable service level agreements
- K2 company policy for contract management
- K3 legal regulations applicable to ICT contracts
Skills examples Able to:
- S1 foster positive relationships with suppliers and customers
- S2 negotiate contract terms and conditions
- S3 apply judgement and flexibility in contract negotiations compliant with internal rules and policies

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