About EXIN

Taking advantage of the possibilities that technology offers and dealing with the increased complexity of the information flow requires new skills sets. ‘Traditional’ IT is changing and increasingly developing into information management and business process management. Safeguarding and managing information in an organization is no longer the exclusive responsibility of the technicians but one shared by everyone who has access to it.

EXIN is one of the world’s leading providers of independent information management certification and accreditation.

With its most comprehensive portfolio of certificates EXIN cooperates with hundreds of accredited partners worldwide, who provide training, develop courseware and manage examination centers that are the perfect place to do your exam and obtain your certificate.

EXIN is ISO-certified (ISO 9001:2008). We operate according to ISO 17024, ISO 27001 and EN 45011. We continuously monitor the quality of exams and accreditations and have established formal procedures for resolving complaints and appeals. This is how we have been operating for more than 25 years.

Objectivity is important when it comes to certification and accreditation. That is why we intentionally do not provide training ourselves. You can rely on us to assess exam results objectively. External experts guarantee the quality of the exams. Independent professionals are involved in the management of EXIN and the performance of its tasks, ranging from IT professionals to lawyers, economists and educators.

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