About empirica

e-Skills are central for Europe to remain competitive in a global economy. In this area empirica offers a wide range of services and has developed the first foresight scenario-based observatory monitoring the e-skills supply and demand in Europe for the period 2010 – 2015 which is currently being expanded to 2020.

Empirica is advising large corporation for instance from the ICT sector on future markets and opportunities in this area, provides market intelligence services to help them prepare investment decisions and offers policy advise to national and regional governments and the European Commission.

The company offers a wide range of policy evaluation services allowing policy makers for an assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of their policies including the identification and analysis of e-skills multi-stakeholder partnerships throughout Europe, the evaluation of the EC e-skills Communication from 2007 with the aim to identify how national governments and other relevant stakeholders have responded and implemented national strategies and activities in this area.

Further activities include the development of a European e-skills quality label and proposals for the associated processes and structures and an e-skills online service landscape and self assessment tool for ICT practitioners and organizations recruiting staff in related areas providing the urgently needed orientation and navigation support to the  players and stakeholders in this field. Finally, empirica is active in e-skills vision and European policy roadmap development.

Through past and ongoing projects empirica has been and is strongly involved in policy and strategy development support and evaluation activities in the e-Skills, ICT and education and digital literacy area for the European Commission DG ENTR, DG CONNECT, DG RTD and DG EAC but also for worldwide leading IT industry companies like Cisco and provides e-skills consulting services to organizations like the ING Bank, Belgium.

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